About us

Ver-Sino & Dipaliya Shea Butter

I started with ver-Sino with the aim to sell Dipaliya Shea Butter. This to support the women in Ghana who make this shea butter.

With the sale of Dipaliya Shea butter (in Europe) the Dipaliya women get a voice in Europe. This also helps to spread the story of the “Sharing economy”, built around the Dipaliya women’s Association. Instead of the word “Fair Trade” we prefer the term “fair use”. There is no middleman; No traders who take a margin of the Dipaliya women.


What is Unrefined Shea butter?

Unrefined Shea butter is a 100% natural vegetable oil, extracted from the nut of the Shea tree. Shea butter has an ivory white color and a smoky nutty smell. In Africa Shea butter is used for hundreds of years to solve many skin ailments. Shea butter contains a very high dose of fatty acids, vitamins A and E and cinnamic acid, which is a natural substance that protects the skin against UV rays. Because of all the good nutrients in Shea butter, it is suitable to hydrate the skin, improve blood circulation and the elasticity of the skin. Hence it is so popular as an ingredient; Shea butter is often found in soaps, shampoos, creams and lotions.


What sells Dipaliya Shea Butter.

With the purchase of Dipaliya Shea butter you buy a high-quality natural product and you give direct support to the women in Ghana who make this Shea butter. Of each sold jar Dipaliya Shea butter a significant portion is going back to the women in Tamale, Ghana.

Dipaliya Shea Butter is made by a group of 1000 women, Dipaliya women’s Association, in Tamale, Ghana. The women lease land and buy seeds from the proceeds of Shea butter. The women of Dipaliya find it important to retain their traditional values and worldly wisdoms. The cooperative is set up for the women in the region to offer an economically independent life. Most women are single (thereby poor) and mother. Dipaliya works without grants, because the women want to  give their children shelter, food and education on their own strength.